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Compass for Trelleborg








Trelleborg, Sweden

Architect (+ Joe Giddings, Beata Hemer)

Urban planning



58ha, 580,000m2

Our contribution to Europan 14: Productive Cities explores ideas surrounding participatory urbanism and responsive citymaking.

Our urban strategy aims to enable the development to respond and adapt through time and in dialogue with both current and future residents of Trelleborg.
 Sjöstaden is the perfect testbed for this kind of responsive urbanism as the 40 year+ urban development program allows for a period of research, testing and application of our urban cluster model.

We see Kompassen NV as the compass of Sjöstaden; a catalyst which will drive the first wave of development in the district. Its substantial indoor area with a beautiful timber truss structure and a long and striking facade which looks out to sea gives it the versatility and character to be transformed into a multipurpose hall and development hub.


During the first five years of development in Sjöstaden, Kompassen NV will be one of the first buildings visitors to the district will have a chance to explore, creating a vibrant, busy seafront that reaches out to the rest of the site. Kompassen NV will be filled with a range of functions, including craftsmanship, education, research and exhibition, to generate a melting pot of new ideas.

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