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01 View of the project from the Tonle Se









Doctors Housing

Siem Pang, Cambodia

Ingvartsen Arkitekter:

Jakob Knudsen, Otis Sloan Brittain, Hannah Wood




04.2018 - 02.2020

41m2 (house) + 52m2 (communal building)

The aim of this project is to provide attractive accommodation for doctors working in a rural malaria research clinic in Cambodia to encourage them to stay long-term. The design was inspired by timber details in neighbouring buildings and the houses were constructed by local carpenters. The height of the houses and community building (around 2.5m above ground level) was transcribed from a survey of the oldest structures on the riverbank, which allowed the project to escape damage when the Tonle Sekong river flooded 12m in 2019. Each 41m2 home includes a small kitchen, dining room, en-suite, personal workspace and a private balcony. Passive design strategies and natural materials were used to ensure inside spaces are comfortable and low maintenance in the hot, humid climate. The homes are connected to a 58m2 common house via a series of timber pedestrian bridges, designed to facilitate chance encounters between residents, while respecting privacy. With a communal eating area, shared balcony and private guest room, the common house offers a semi-private space for co-workers to socialise and relax together and outside of the hospital environment.

03 The layout of the buildings is organi
05 The communal building has a shared ki
07 The raised floor level and louvred sh
09 The timber construction and detailing
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