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Greenfield Barn

Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Lead Architect

Residential, renovation

Under construction



Transforming a former coach-house into a family home and workshops

Greenfield Barn is a project to renovate a listed heritage site into a home and workspaces for local craftspeople. The building is located in Mytholmroyd in the Southern Pennines and was built in 1841 as a coach-house for the Fawcett family. The site also includes an adjoined washhouse, sheltered outdoor areas and a plot of deciduous woodland, embedded in a rural landscape of Pennine farmsteads.


My approach to the building was to work with the Grade II Listed status by proposing in-keeping and minimal alterations to the building envelope, which focussed on increasing the amount of daylight reaching the first and second floor, by adding twin windows on the West elevation and a series of roof-lights. Two extensions have been designed for the building—a double glazed pitched ironwork extension to the South and a mill grit-stone extension to the North side of the cottage.


The contemporary design of the interior retains key features (such as timber racking spindles and stalls which originated from the animals which were kept in the barn) while providing an inspiring and comfortable family home and work spaces. I worked with the client to incorporate predominantly up-cycled materials from the local area to retain the character of the historic building. We also developed a series of original details, including double fire trapdoors which open upwards via turning cartwheels to offer views of the 3-storey space, a long stair between opposing walls to guide you up to the double arched window on the North, and an orangery and enclosed kitchen garden on the South courtyard.

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