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House 4 House

Copenhagen, Denmark

Co-founder + Aga Filipowicz, Ania Pieranska, Otis Sloan Brittain

Children's toys

02.2018 -

Could an educational set made from circular materials disrupt the EU toy market?

The design of a House 4 House set explores circularity at many levels, from the specification of materials inside the box, to a business model where a third profits are donated to fund micro-finance loans to support families improve their own homes. The toy challenges children to explore their creative potential by introducing them to different ways of building around the world influenced by climatic conditions. Our first set, House 4 House Tropical, was designed iteratively over a period of 3 years through a series of play-shops in Denmark and the USA and was exhibited at Dutch Design Week 2018 and Circular City Week New York 2019. The project has been supported by two prototyping grants from Statens Kunstfond. We are working with a manufacturer in Portugal to develop the first batch of sets and we plan to launch in December for Christmas 2021.

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