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Peer-reviewed papers


Importance of Screened Windows for Reducing Malaria Transmission in Sub-Saharan Africa

Jatta, E; Carrasco Tenezaca, M; Jawara, M; Bradley, J; D’Alessandro, U; Kandeh, B; Jeffries, D; Wilson, A; Pinder, M; Sloan Brittain, O; Wood, H; Knudsen, J; and Lindsay, S W. 

(in progress)


The relationship between house height and mosquito house entry: an experimental study in rural Gambia

Carrasco-Tenezaca, M; Jawara, M; Abdi, M Y; Wood, H; Sloan Brittain, O; Bradley J; Ceesay, S; D’Alessandro, U; Jeffries, D; Pinder, M; Knudsen, J; Lindsay, S.

Journal of The Royal Society Interface, May 2021.


Prioritising indoor air quality in building design can mitigate future airborne viral outbreaks

Wood, H; Sloan Brittain, O; Kumar P

Cities & Health, July 2020


Bespoke Architectures: will cyber-physical methods of making shape a new generation of bespoke architecture?

Wood, H; Nouska, O.

Inflection Journal, University of Melbourne, November 2019


Research agenda for preventing mosquito-transmitted diseases through improving the built environment in sub-Saharan Africa

Shenton, F; Addissie, A; Alabaster, G; Baziwe, D; Tenezaca, M C; Chinula, D; Jatta, E; Jawara, M; Jones, R; Knudsen, J; Krystosik, A R; McCann, R; Murima, N; Mutuku, F; Nguela, R L; Sanchez, C N; Nix, E; Okumu, F; Ruel-Bergeron, S; Spitzen, J; Tusting, L S; Wilson, A L; Wood, H; Zahouli, J; Davies, M and Lindsay, S W.

Cities & Health, October 2019


Knowledge gaps in the construction of rural healthy homes: A research agenda for improved low-cost housing in hot-humid Africa

von Seidlein, L; Wood, H; Sloan Brittain, O; Tusting, L; Bednarz, A; Mshamu, S; Kahabuka, C; Deen, J; Bell, D; Lindsay, SW and Knudsen, J.

PLoS MED, October 2019


The Illicit and Illegal in the Development and Governance of Cities and Regions: Corrupt Places

Chapter 11: Building legitimacy through the spatial aesthetics of the illicit: non-state urban actors in post-311 Japan

Bjone Engelien, M; Edom, J and Wood, H; edited by Francesco Chiodelli, Tim Hall and Ray Hudson.

Routledge, September 2017

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