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Plac Centralny

Warsaw, Poland

Architect (+ Aga Filipowicz, Ania Pieranska, Cecilie Overgaard Rasmussen, Otis Sloan Brittain)

Urban planning

Bureau of Architecture and Spatial Planning of the Office of the Capital City of Warsaw


07.2017 - 10.2017

2.3ha (2,350,000m2)

A main ambition in our redesign of Plac Centralny was to create a destination which not only exhibits art, but also actively facilitates cultural expression through its role as a public platform. With a packed program of seasonal events and bustling night-life, Plac Centralny was planned to become a destination not only in Warsaw but in the whole of Poland, attracting both locals and international visitors to the square. Crafted slices in the landscape enable people to collectively sit and observe events, whether it is an outdoor theatre performance or the European Football Championships. These subtle interventions encourage the cultural institutions on the square’s perimeter to engage with people passing through the square, encouraging ‘life between the buildings’.


The form of the Creative Corner (#CC) was created as the terrain rises on the southeast corner to capture the sunlight during early evening, has been designed as an inclusive ‘front of house’ to the square. The mission of Creative Corner is to promote both upcoming artists and schoolchildren to get creative by hosting community initiated art events and providing a covered informal space to exhibit work. The Creative Corner could also host residencies for Polish artists interested in creating art for the public realm.

Plac Centralny Night View 03.jpg
Plac Centralny Key Plan.jpg
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